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My complaint is bouncing around in the BBB now. I bought a vehicle under false-pretenses of having 3rd row seating.

Upon arriving home and, surprise, no 3rd row, I contacted the dealership and said "are you serious?" The dealer himself admitted he was surprised there was no 3rd row, for me to come back in and we can fix it. Long story short "fixing it", meant spending thousands more than I had already spent.

Offering me newer vehicles was the only option. I only wish I had done a simple internet search of Lustine Toyota before all of this began, I would of never stepped in to the dealership.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Sounds like your problem for not checking the vehicle before taking delivery. I dont work for this dealership but be for real if 3rd was a big buying point for you why wouldn't that be the first thing you check on. Could had been an honest mistake by the salesman or he just played off you stupidity to make a deal that day.


To "me": the 3rd row folds down, they all look the same. Nice try though, are you friends with this dealership, or just have enough time to go read comments about them?


Are you blind or *** if you cant tell if there was a 3rd row before buying it? :eek :eek

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