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Update by user Nov 07, 2015

Follow-up: I was contacted by the sales person this morning (7 Nov 15), telling me to come up to woodbridge to make a deal. The agreed upon deal was $16,000 for my trade and list price of $28,888 for theirs.

All that was left to haggle over was the "reconditioning fee". He told me to come up and we would work it. I made the 25 mile trip up north again. They looked over my truck, again, and when we sit at the table to work numbers they come back with $12,500 for my trade in and nothing off their price or the reconditioning fee.

The "manager" we were dealing with "didn't know anything about the deal" according to the sales person. I tell the manager about the agreed upon prices and I agree to half of the reconditioning fee. The reconditioning fee if $995, but this manager said it was $1,400. The sales person corrected him.

So this "manager" was lying and trying to get more money out of me. The manager then goes back to talk with someone else and comes back with $15,000 for my trade and nothing off their price. Their internet pricing indicates they will go lower if you contact them with your information. This is a lie.

I told them I would take my car to Carmax and get $14,000 and asked them what they could *** their price. The "manager" informed me that the internet price was the lowest price already. So apparently they have "no haggle" pricing here. I walked away.

Stay away from Lustine Dodge and Lustine Toyota. They will LIE to get you in the door and then add "fees" and other hidden charges. I can only imagine what the paperwork and numbers would of looked like if we had made it that far. Another wasted morning.

As I was leaving, another customer told me that he foolishly agreed to undercoating.

He scheduled the appointment to have it sprayed on, but changed his mind and Lustine told him that he could not get a refund. He was not happy either.

Original review posted by user Nov 06, 2015

Went to buy a used Tundra from Lustine Toyota (LT). I already had a cash offer from Carmax for my "Trade-in". LT matched it but would not move on the price of the used Tundra, citing what they were giving me on my trade-in. If I wanted haggle free pricing then I would buy from Carmax. Second, I contacted Lustine Dodge (LD) about a used Tundra they had on their site. They agreed, after much haggling, to give me $2,000 over what Carmax would give me on my trade-in. But yet again they would not move on the price of the used. I agreed to the deal over the phone and requested dollar figures before I made the drive up to Woodbridge again. In the figures they wanted to charge me an almost $1,000 "reconditioning fee" for the used truck. Citing they were giving me $2,000 more for my trade-in. I understand tax, tag, and tile processing fee, but they should have calculated the reconditioning fee i the price of the vehicle and not made it an add on. Tired of getting to the table only to find additional fees. I researched what KBB listed as a trade-in value/private sale value of the Tundra, so I have a rough idea of what they paid for it. They wanted several thousand over that price. I understand they are their to make a profit, but they can accomplish this without gouging the consumer. When I informed them that I had a rough idea of what trade-in was for it, I was informed that they do not go off of KBB values. Right. Walked away on principle. These two experiences today make three total bad/negative experiences I have had with Lustine. Went to buy a new Jeep from them in 2014 and they were very pushy in their sales techniques. I walked away from that deal too. Do your research and set a price you are willing to pay. Don't let them run the shell game on you. I would never recommend Lustine to anyone. Stay away from the Woodbridge dealers.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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