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every one in lustine toyota in woodbrige is a lier. the will rip you off if you try to get a car from them.

lustine toyota's sales man to vicepreisdent all of them are liers beware. i will never let any one from my family go and buy a car from them. worst dealership i have ever seen. they will tell you anything to clsoe a deal and once you sign those papers then thats it.

you will treat you like ***.

i am so pissed at them i will not end here. will make sure that head office in toyota gets my complain.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Quantico, Virginia, United States #1290087

My wife and I bought a Toyota rav4 two weeks a go for what we were told would be less than $28,000. After the paperwork was complete, however, the actual "sale" price came to $38,800.

Monthly payments would be $409 for 72 months.

The "deal" included several costly "service" contracts that we thought were included in the original price, but instead added nearly $10,000 to the cost. my deposit of 10.000 gone in the process lost 20.000 Lustier Toyota Woodbridge , be careful !!!

Richmond, Virginia, United States #955338

Just got lied to. Finance guy had 6500.00 higher price than 2 of us agreed to. Cannot BELIEVE Toyota allows their brand ruined here.


Don't go to Lustine. They charged us $2000 more than the agreed upon price.

They kept us for 5 hours going over and over the *** paperwork and changing interest rates, payments and even our down payment. The finance guy kept making "mistakes" and had to go check with the manager. I knew we should have left, but they had our check and I thought I was checking the numbers correctly. No they are liars and show you the numbers and then switch them.

The payment didn't change but a few dollars, so I didn't notice. Don't go to Lustine Toyota unless you want to be ripped off and screwed with.

Huntsville, Arkansas, United States #148321

I'm posting this because I can't believe what I'm reading. I went to Lustine and was greeted with professionalism.

They did not have the car I wanted and they went out of their way to find it. The salesman drove and was gone for two hours of the day to bring back the car to make me happy. I have already sent them another deal and my friend has told me that he has never seen such great service. This just goes to show you that not everything you read is true and there are always two sides to a coin.

I'm not sure how much weight you can place in a complaint that is filled with errors anyway. Make sure you go and buy from Lustine Toyota and Adam Mendoza the Internet Sales Manager


You are absolutely right that they will tell you anything to close the deal and then leave you high and dry with a piece of *** car!

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