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About a few months ago, my family and I had decided to buy a prius. We looked around, and Lustine Toyota was the closest dealership to us, so we went along.

When we got there, there was about 10 sales men sharks sitting outside the dealership ready to tackle us. However, I ignored them and found a salesmen inside. This guy apparently got us the "best price" everytime he would come back from his boss with the offer. But we declined their price 10 times before finally settling on a price I thought was reasonable.

Once we got to the finance department, we were ready to sign the papers.

We signed the papers, and thought we had endured the long battle with these liars. However, to my dismay, this was not the end.. but the beginning.

About a month later, While checking my total payoff amount for the car, the car apparently was 3000$ higher than what I had purchased it for. When I called Lustine, Bernard Berry (The Finance Guy) instructed me that this was probably a mistake on the online website's part and should be corrected.

Then I called the Toyota Finance department and they had informed me that this was not a mistake and that is the dealership had listed as the selling price for the car. So I called Benard again, and this time he did not return any of my calls in a period of 8 business day. I had to actually go into the dealership and talk to the manager. So the liars gave me some form to sign and said that everything would be fine and that the extra charge was for a "warrenty" I had signed up for. However, there is no warrenty I signed up for, because there is no papers I have that have this $3000 warrenty. The form was going to take 4-6 weeks to submit ( I have no idea why), but the warrenty should be off my account.

I waited 3 months, and I went in last week to see if the warranty had been taken off. Can you guess what happens next? Probably.

So I talk to the Manager I had spoken with previously, and he said the warranty couldn't possibly be taken off because under it's terms, the consumer has 30 days to return it. I have no idea how I signed for this warranty, nor are they giving me my papers that I had signed for it. I believe these guys have forged my signature somehow.

I am currently talking to my lawyer and finding the best possible options.

I hate these guys, and if you are EVER going to buy a car, please don't ever buy it from them.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Don Mealey in Clermont Florida is a Joke. We bought a truck less then a month ago and we have had a headache since.

The truck ran great for our five minute test drive. Within the second day of having the truck home we noticed a rattling in the motor. Don Mealey insisted the rattling noise in the motor is "normal" . We knew better then that.

We had two cerified mechanics check out the truck and they both confirmed the lifters were going bad and needed to be replaced. Finally the mechanic at Don Mealey admitted the truck had "lazy lifters". After giving us the run around for about three weeks (thick oil treatments to quiet the noise) and stating that this is not something that needed to be fixed.

They bought the truck back to resale.I know this because I see it on the website for sale. So buyers beware of a 2002 Grey Chevy Silveraldo 1500 LS that has a "normal" rattling sound.


Lustine told us the warranty would come off in 90 days and it still has that warranty junk that we dont have, i too must look for a lawyer NOW


yeah sure guys. my email is : singh0833 at

I have even talked to the like General Manager.. and even he was a *** and made me wait an additional 3 weeks just for a response.

This is absurd.


the worst dealership, with the *** of the earth sales staff there are so many first class toyota dealerships in the area who give grat service, they always laugh when you tell them you just cam from lustine


You should have to return the Vehicle, when you first found the blunder, and kick on their butts by saying you don’t wana do the business with those cheaters.


Can I get the name of your Lawyer maybe we can do a joint suit. I am Military so that will help in court how they even screw over ouy countries Heroes. send me a MSG


having worked there for 2 mos and cheated out of my pay I know exactly how these people operate. I have broke free from that world but let me know if you have questions re: shady practice


Am currently in your exact same situation with Toyota Lustine...a total also seeking legal action. Any chance I can contact you?

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